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Affiliated Surgeons

Alliance Anaesthetics Group is affiliated with a number of surgeons. Those with websites are listed below.


Colo-rectal Surgery

A/Prof David Lubowski  Dr Shevy Perera 

Upper GIT/Bariatric Surgery

Dr John Jorgensen

Dr James Chau

Hand Surgery

Dr Stuart Myers

Head and Neck/Ear, Nose, Throat Surgery

Dr Michael Farrell

Dr Greg Lvoff

Facio-Maxillary Surgery

Sydney South OMS

IVF Services

IVF Australia

Joint Replacement Surgery

St George Orthopaedics

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery

Dr Adrian Knox

Dr Darrell Perkins

Shoulder and Sports Injury Surgery

Dr Daniel Biggs

Knee Surgery

Sydney Knee Specialists

Cardio-thoracic Surgery

St George Cardiothoracic


Dr Peter Aslan

Dr Tru Ngo

Sydney Prostate Cancer Centre


Dr Jeffrey Engelman

Dr Darren Pavey


Dr Saeed Kohan

Dr Ali Ghahreman

Dr Martin Scholsem

Dr Mark Davies

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr Gamal Matthias

Dr Amani Harris

Dr Norman Chan


Southern Ophthalmology

Interventional Cardiology

Dr Suresh Singarayar